Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions about our Sunday morning gathering.

Q: What should I expect to happen when I come to the Sunday gathering?


A: You should expect to feel like you are among friends.  To make you feel at home, we have an incredible coffee bar where everything is complimentary; so, at the beginning of our time together we talk, laugh, and sip fresh coffee from Lana Cafe.  We believe that this is part of our worship experience.  After this, we direct our attention towards God as we sing a few worship songs together, give our offerings (for those who call ACC their home) and listen to a message from the Bible shared by one of our teaching pastors.  From time to time, we create space for the arts to be part of our worship experience because we believe that worshiping God is more than just singing.  Lastly, we take communion together as a reminder that everything we do is all about Jesus.  Our Sunday gathering usually last about an hour and a half.  Simple, intentional and relational is what you should expect.


Q: Is there anything for my kids?

A: The answer is YES! We believe that kids of all ages have a part in God’s Story and we want to help them find their part!  During the 10:45  gathering we offer three age appropriate classes where your child(ren) will be taught exciting Bible stories in an environment of love and fun.


Q: What do I need to wear?

A: Dress to your comfort.  Whether you dress up or down we want you to feel comfortable, but as a whole most people dress pretty casual.  Having the “right” clothes is the last thing we want anyone worrying about before coming to ACC.


Q: Do I have to believe before I can belong?

A: No. We want everyone to feel welcomed at ACC no matter where they are on their faith journey.  This means that anyone is welcome to “check us out” while exploring what it means to have a relationship with Jesus and still feel right at home among us.


Q: What if I still have questions?

A: If you still have some questions that you’d like answered before you visit our Sunday Gathering please don’t hesitate to ask.  Feel free to email your question(s) to and someone from our staff will promptly respond.  Remember the words of your 4th grade teacher, “There is no such thing as a stupid question!”