Adoptive/Foster Family Support Group

Our support night is typically held on the last Thursday of the month from 6:00-8:00pm.  Child care is available for children 0-12 and dinner is provided for the whole family!  Meetings are held at the ACC Warehouse located at 101 Sunnyside, Clovis 93611.  Please RSVP on our Facebook Group page or at

Upcoming Meetings:

Mark your calendars now because we’ve got some really great things planned for everyone once our support group comes back from summer break!

  • January 25th: Q&A with the Pros.  A panel of adoptees and adoptive/foster parents will answer your questions!
  • February 22nd: Marriage Stress & Adoptions and Single Parent & Adoption.  We will meet at ACC for dinner and childcare.  Those participating in Marriage Stress & Adoptions will stay at ACC while those participating in Single Parent & Adoption will go The Edge Coffee House.
  • March 22nd: Therapist Karen Wood will be here to present on trauma and the effects on the brain.
  • April 26th: Aspiranet Foster Family Agency will be here to present.  More info to come.
  • May 31st: Mental Health & Foster Care/Adoptions.  More info to come.
  • June & July- Break for the summer.  We will meet again in August 2018.

Our goal is the S.E.R.V.E. this community in the following ways:

  • Support – We want to support foster, adoptive and pre-adoptive families in their journey by learning of individual needs of families.
  • Empower – We want to empower foster, adoptive/pre-adoptive families by offering educational tools that will assist parents with unique parenting issues associated with adoptive families. We want to empower adopted children with life skills that will help them with everyday trials and help them understand that they are loved completely and eternally by God.
  • Resource – We want make available information regarding local community resources that are available to adoptive families.
  • Value – We want to create an environment that will help adoptive families feel valued and cared for spiritually and physically.
  • Encourage – We want to create an environment that will encourage families to see the best in their children and help children see the best in themselves. We want to offer hope during difficult situations.

If you would like to be involved please email us at

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